Three N.S.S. Units for men & women students with a capacity for enrolment of 150 students function in the College under the National Scheme of the Utkal University. Enrolment of volunteers is done at the beginning of the academic session. Any student of the college with an aptitude for social service is eligible to apply for enrolment as an N.S.S. Volunteer. A Member of the teaching staff acts as programme officer for the unit.

Aims of the N.S.S. :

  • 1. The promote national consciousness and sense of so cial responsibility.
  • 2. To inculcate a sense of discipline.
  • 3. To inculcate a sense of dignity of labour among the students.
  • 4. To acquaint the student community with the problems and the conditions of the society in which they live.
  • 5. To enable the students to develop a sense of involve ment with the uneducted common men and to work with them for constructive social activities.

Programme of Work :

In order to achieve the aims, the N.S.S. Unit usually under takes the following programmes.

  • 1. Initiating literacy programmes and organising literacy cen tres.
  • 2. Eradication of Social evils like intoxication, caste feeling dowry, illiteracy, female foeticide, communalism, child labour, home violence against women, bonded labour etc.
  • 3. Planning for better environment.
  • 4. Construction and repair of road and drains.
  • 5. Plantation, preservation and up keeping of trees.
  • 6. Family and child care.
  • 7. Blood donation.
  • 8. Organisation of Red Cross Activities like imparting First Aid training.
  • 9. Relief work at the time of Natural calamities.
  • 10. Social service during festivals and fairs.
  • 11. Organisation of social service camps in villages, digging of tanks, ponds, wells etc. and cleaning ponds, tanks and dirty areas in the villages.
  • 12. Preservation and beautification of College Campus.
  • 13. Social forestry.14. Adult Education.
  • 14. Sanitation. 16. Awareness against child labour and bonded labour.

N.S.S. Camps :

The N.S.S. Volunteers usually undertake the projects assigned to them on Sundays and holidays. An annual camp is usually arranged during the vacations. 75% of attendance is obligatory at the Annual camp.

Certificates of participation at camps are issued to N.S.S. Volunteers. Detailed information regarding N.S.S. programmes may be obtained from the programme Officer.