1. The College Union of Balikuda College shall remain the sole tribune of Students' opinon inside Balikuda College.

2. The functions of the Union shall be.

  • a) To organise debates, seminars and symposium on academic, culture, national and international problems.
  • b) To invite, eminent persons to address the union with the Principal permission.
  • c) To assist the principal as and when necessary in students welfare and social welfare activities and.
  • d) To take up such other activities as proposed by the union and approved by the Principal.

3. Membership of the Union :

Every bonafide student of the College, whose name is on the rolls of the college shall also to be a member of the College Union and shall eligible to participate in the activities organised by the Union.

4. The meetings of the union shall be open to the members of the staff who, if they so desire, may take part in the proceedings of the meeting : No students of +3 III yr. class are eligible to contest for the office of Vice-President ands Asst. Secretary of the College union and various other societies

5. The Advisor and Associate Advisors :

  • a) There shall be an advisor and some associate advisors nominated from among the members of the staff.
  • b) The advisor and the associate advisors shall be present at the meeting of the Union Executive Com mittee. They will assist by helpful suggestions whenever necessary, in the proper conduct of the meeting. The President may refer to the advisor any rule for interpretation and the decision of the advisor when so referred to shall be final.
  • c) The advisor (or in his absence, the senior most Associate Advisor) may at any time during a meeting or on the request of the President explain the scope or effect of a motion or amendment.
  • d) The advisor may, if he is unable to remain present at a meeting, request the seniormost Associate Advisor to act in his place and in such an event the seniormost Associate Advisor shall discharge all the functions of the advisor.
  • e) No expenditure shall be incurred without the approval of the Advisor. He/she shall countersign on all vouchers, requistions for expenditure should pass through the advisor.

6. Executive Committee of the College Union :

The activities of the Union shall be conducted by an execu tive Committee consisting of the followings :

  • a) The President
  • b) The Vice-President
  • c) The Secretary
  • d) The Assistant Secretary
  • e) One representive from each of the +3 classes.

7. Functions of Executive Committee :

The functions of the Executive Committee shall be :

  • i) To draw up the programme of the union activities of the session.
  • ii) To prepare and adopt the union budget for the session and
  • iii) To approve the expenditure incurred by the secretary.
  • iv) To pass the Minutes of the previous meetings
  • v) To discuss and decide on such other matters as may be brought forward by the secretary with the prior permis sion of the Principal.
  • vi) To discuss such other matters, as may be referred to by the Principal.
  • 8. i) An ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee shall be called by the Secretary in consulatation with principal and the advisor. Notice of such a meeting with date, time, place and agenda shall be given to members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.
  • ii) An extra ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee can also be convened by the president in the absence of the Secretary with the consent of the principal.
  • iii) An extra ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee can be convened at any time by the Principal.
  • iv) A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be presided over by the president or in his absence, by the Vice-President or in the absence of the both by any member of the committee elected at the meeting. Such election must be conducted by the advisor.
  • v) Fifty percent of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute the quorum.
  • vi) The minutes of the meeting shall be maintained by the secretary and a copy of the same shall be forwarded by the secretary to the principal through the advisor within two days.

9. The Executive Committee can carry on its function notwithstanding the fact that there are some vacancies in the offices.

10. Function of the Office Bearers :

The following office-beaarers shall be individually responsi ble to the general body and shall discharge the following functions. The President :

Any member of the Union belonging to +3 Degree Course is eligible to stand for the post of president of the Union. The president shall preside over all ordinary meetings of the Union at which he is present. He shall be responsible for maintaining order and for interpretaing the rule. His ruling shall be considered final except where he requests the advisor to give a ruling in which case the ruling of the advisor shall be considered final. Secretary :

  • a) Any member of the union belonging to the three year Degree Course can stand for the post of Secretary of the Union.
  • b) The secretary shall arrange all ordinary meetings, debates etc. in consultation with the advisor and President and record the minutes of the meetings.
  • c) He will remain in charge of the union property and records.
  • d) He will spend the money of the union in accordance with the budget and maintain proper accounts and keep vouchers. Such accounts and vouchers will be submitted to the advisor within a week of every meeting or duties.

The Assistant Secretary :

The assistant Cecretary must be a member of the union belonging to the first year or 2nd year class of the 3 year Degree Course. The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of his functions.

II. Elections :

  • 1. Once in the beginning of each session on such date as the Govt. notify the principal may notify election dates which shall be held for the different offices of the College Union/Cultural Association, provided that normal condition prevails.
  • 2. Election shall be held separately in two phases for +2 and +3 students on the same day or as decided by the principal.
  • 3. All the bonafied students those have clared up their collegedues and obtained valid identity cards will be allowed to take part in College Election. In case of 2nd yr. and above, the students must clear up their re- admission fees. The candidates, the proposers, the seconders must clear up their College dues up to date.
  • 4. Any student belonging to +3 degree course is eligible to stand for the Presidentship of College Union.
  • 5. The Vice-President shall be a member of the Union belong ing to the 1st yr./2nd yr. of +3 degree course.
  • 6. Any member belongs to +3 degree course can stand for the post of General Secretary of the Union.
  • 7. The Asst. Secretary must be a member belonging to 1st yr./ 2nd yr. classes of +3 degree course.
  • 8. Nomination to such elections duly proposed and seconded shall reach the principal in before the date of election as specified by the order of the government and notice of the principal.
  • 9. Every student of the college whose name is on the college rolls on the previous day of the election is eligible to vote for election.
  • 10. Nomination will be primarily rejected if the candidates name is not on the college rolls.
  • 11. No member can hold more than one office of the College Union.
  • 12. A student cannot propose nor second more than one candidate for the same post.
  • 13. A candidate seeking to withdraw from the election is permit ted to do so through a written application to be given in person to the officer authorised for the purpose with the time specified by the Principal.
  • 14. No member shall give more than one vote for each office to be filed.
  • 15. The voters are to put 'X' mark on the blank space against their chosen candidate.
  • 16. Election shall be conducted and votes recorded and attested in such manner as the principal shall determine.
  • 17. The candidate getting the largest number of votes shall be de-clared elected.
  • 18. In Case of equality of vote the election of the successful candidate shall be determined by lot.
  • 19. For the purpose of identification of the students for election the valid/renewed identity cards issued by the College shall be insisted upon. Students not in possession of such identity cards shall be deprived of entering into the polling booths to cast their votes.
  • 20. All cases of dispute in the election shall be referred to the principal who is the final authouity in all matter relating to the election.
  • 21. No candidate or voter is allowed to accompany any outsider to the college campus during the election period.
  • 22. The contesting candidates may be given an opportunity to adress their voters in the '' What I Stand for '' meeting arranged by the principal prior to the date of election.
  • 23. There shall be no campaign after the '' What I stand for '' meeting.
  • 24. In '' What I stand for '' meeting, the candidates are to remain present and address the voters according to their turns already prepared by the election officer. If anybody misses his chance he will not be allowed to deliver his speech after his chance.
  • 25. Candidates are advised not to disfigure the college walls /stick no bills/ posters/banners which will be seriously viewed upon. A hoarding reflecting the list of contestants shall be installed by college authority at their own cost.
  • 26. There is no question of consideration on the matter of time factor. Everybody is directed to adjust their time piece according to the college wall clock during the election period.
  • 27. As to election discipline, violation of election rules and any type of disturbances during election process will lead to serious punishment. The authority has the right to take any type of action whatever he feels better for the discipline in the college.
  • 28. Candidates or their agents taking resort to violence in any form during the period of canvassing will be seriously viewed upon and such action may lead to disqualification of their candidature.
  • 29. The principal has the right to cancel the candidature of the contestant if a candidate does not maintain proper discipline.
  • 30. No student of +2 stream can contest, propose, second and cast vote for any office of the +3 stream.
  • 31. No student of +3 stream can contest, propose. second and cast vote for any office of the +2 stream.
  • 32. No student can seek election to the same office which he held earlier.
  • 33. A student who does not have 70% of attendance in the class cannot contest for any post as per the circular of the state Govt. No relaxation shall be granted if a candidate produces medical certificate.
  • 34. The authority can cancel the election for any violation of election rules/ election violence among the students for the entire session.
  • 35. At the time of nomination, candidates are to submit undertak-ings that no criminal case of any nature is pending against them.
  • 36. If after election, it is found that any criminal case (s) is/ are pending against any elected office bearer or is convicted by court of law thereof the authority has retained all his/ her rights to seize the office of the elected student.
  • 37. At the time of oath taking the elected candidates should undertake that they can not demand anything which the college may not provide.Tenure of Office :

The Office bearers shall hold office for the entire session unless they :

  • i) cease to be student of the college.
  • ii) voluntarily resign in writing addressed to the principal.
  • iii) are removed as provided in rule 37 above.

An office bearer who feels in the proper discharge of his duties can be removed by a vote of no confidence expressed by more than 50% members of the union by means of a secret ballot on a date fixed by the principal for the purpose.

The Office Bearers who are students of 3rd year class of 3 year degree course shall be deemed to have vacated their office on the first date officially fixed for collection of university examination fees etc. and submission of application forms for the annual degree exanimation.

When the president and Secretary vacate their offices on the above ground the Vice-president and the Assistant Secretary shall succeed them respectively as the acting president and acting secretary automatically. They will continue to hold office till the annual meeting of the same session.

Vacancies in Offices :

Any office falling vacant will be filled by the principal by nomination at his discretion.

Annual Meeting :

  • a) After the elections are over, on such date as the Principal may appoint, the annual meeting of the Union shall be held where the newly elected o f f i c e bearers shall assume office.
  • b) The principal or his nominees shall preside over the annual meeting and the newly elected office bearers will be administered oath.

Ordinary Meeting :

Ordinary meetings of the College Union will be held for holding debates, symposium and discussions. An ordinary meeting of the union will be held when distinguished persons are invited to address the members of the union.

Extraordinary Meeting :

An extraordinary meeting of thr Union may be convened :

  • a) at the principals discretion.
  • b) on a written requisition addressed to the principal and signed by not less than one hundred members of the Union. The principal or his nominee shall preside over an extraordianry meeting of the Union.

Amendments to Rules :

  • a) Amendments to any of these rules shall be considered at the annual meeting or at extraordinary meeting of the General Body of the Union.
  • b) No amendment will be in order which is not duly seconded and of which a week's clear notice has not been received.
  • c) An amendment before it becomes effective must be passed by a majority of two thirds of members present and voting at the annual meeting at the extr aordinary meeting of the union specifically convened for this purpose.
  • d) Amendments to these rules , when duly passed shall come into effect from such dates as the principal may decide.

The pricipal shall have the final authority in all matters relating to the Union.